Sexy and luxurious, oysters are the only way to start your Valentine’s Day.

The oysters we serve are from the nutrient-rich, pristine waters of Tasmania, Bruny Island.

Natural, Kilpatrick or served as a Bloody Mary Shooter, it’s no secret that oysters are a delicious aphrodisiac.

What’s the Best Wine or Beer to accompany Oysters this Valentine’s Day

Guinness… yes Guinness
If you have never tried Guinness and oysters you are missing out. The stout’s rich creamy head and crisp taste, compliments the brininess of the oysters and draw out their more complex taste.

Champagne or Sparkling Wine
It’s the bubbles that provide the magic, the perfect textural contrast of the smooth velvety texture of the oysters and a dry champagne that not too sweet is stunning.

Sauvignon Blanc
Particularly when oysters are served with Asian flavours, the added zestiness of Sauvignon helps with the strong garnish that is often served with oysters.

How to eat Oysters from the shell like a pro

Take your fork, move the oyster ever so carefully around its half shell and gently detach.  Ensure you do not lose any natural liquid that fills the oyster casing.

Once it’s detached, pick up the shell and slurp down the oyster, chew the mollusc once or twice before swallowing.