Fun family Games to play in a restaurant

Grab their attention and get them involved with our family-friendly activities when you dine with us.

What’s Missing?

Play with whatever is at the table or in your bag. Set out eight or so objects, let them study them.

Ask your child to cover their eyes before you take one away. Ask them what’s missing? Can they figure it out? Kids love to get one up on you, so reverse it. Let them take something away for you to guess.

Table Footy

A favourite for all ages. All you need is a coin and a smooth flat surface such as a tabletop. This game is best played before meals have arrived or at the end of the meal over a nightcap.

Place the coin in the starting position, flat side down on the edge of a table. The game’s object is to move the coin down or across the table using a push slide motion to your opponent. In no more than three goes, the player needs to get the coin to the table’s edge without going over the edge. Getting the coin to the edge is one point to the player. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors

It’s a simple game that requires nothing more than a minimum of two players and their fists.

It can be a great way to pass the time for younger kids. Simply count to three and reveal your pick (rock, paper or scissors) and then see who won. 

Rock trumps scissors. Scissors trump paper. Paper trumps rock. If you have the same object, you start over. 

Who am I?

One player thinks of a famous person, family member or animal that the rest of the table needs to guess. Players then take in turns asking “yes” or “no” questions to gain clues about the name of the person others are trying to guess.

I Spy

It’s a simple game without having to bring anything along, and restaurants have lots of objects to guess (even if it’s the gentleman’s glasses sitting on the table across the room).

How to play, the player who starts picks an object that everyone can see. Then, the player gives the first letter, or for the younger one’s colour of the object as a clue. 

Players take turns guessing the correct answer.  

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