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Fondly known as Brisbane’s worst vegetarian restaurant, located in Woolloongabba, the Norman Hotel is Brisbane’s best steakhouse.

A great steak begins well before it hits the grill.  With more than 25 years of working with Beef, I am a true advocate that cooking is only a small part of a great eating experience.

It is the care and quiet management of cattle that producers take with their herds that contributes to better eating qualities.”

Frank Correnti, Executive Chef Norman Hotel

The Norman’s legendary meat cabinet stocked with more than 14 cuts of steak, sits proudly at the restaurant’s entrance and their signature open grill takes centre stage of this beef-centric venue.

A private family-owned steak restaurant, the Norman Hotel serves steak that is only produced by Australia’s best Beef producers, fortifying their position as Brisbane’s best steakhouse.

Thousand Guineas Shorthorn

Thousand Guineas is a high quality marble score 2+ grainfed beef brand. As a result, this delivers a rich and full flavoured beef eating experience.

Nolan Meats – Private Selection

Private Selection is produced from grain-finished yearling beef and is renowned for its superior eating quality.  It is characterised by a clean juicy taste, which delivers a light crisp flavour on the palate.

Bindaree Beef

Bindaree cattle are raised on grass and finished on a unique mix of wholegrain cereals.  This results in a medium to fine marbling. Bindaree Beef is beautifully juicy and tender with a big bold flavour.

Black Opal

Wagyu Beef celebrates decades of proven genetics to provide an unrivalled eating experience. Robust earthy flavours combined with a melt-in-your-mouth texture for a truly memorable steak.

Five Founders, NAP

The North Australian Pastoral Company’s cattle are ethically born and raised in an environmentally sustainable way in the most pristine part of the world. Five Founders beef is Australia’s first carbon-neutral certified beef product, free of added hormones and MSA Graded – juicy and full of flavour – it’s beef as nature intended.

Norman Hotel has Thousand Guineas Beef on our menu.
Bindaree Beef, proudly served at the Norman Hotel
Five Founders Beef, proudly served at the Norman Hotel
Black Opal Wagyu Beef, proudly served at the Norman Hotel
Nolan Private Selection Beef, proudly served at the Norman Hotel