• Our Beef


Fondly known as ‘Brisbane’s Worst Vegetarian Restaurant’, our famous meat cabinet is stocked with the best Australian Beef our country produces, making the Norman Hotel the best steak restaurant in Brisbane.

Thousand Guineas

Thousand Guineas is a high quality marble score 2+ grainfed beef brand that delivers a rich and full flavoured beef eating experience.

Nolan Meats – Private Selection

Private Selection is produced from grain finished yearling beef, renowned for superior eating quality  and is characterised by a clean juicy taste, which on eating, delivers a light crisp flavour on the palate.

Bindaree Beef

Raised on grass and finished on a unique mix of wholegrain cereals, Bindaree beef is a flavour experience unequal to others. With medium to fine marbling, Bindaree beef is beautifully juicy and tender with a big, bold flavour.

Black Opal

Celebrates decades of proven genetics to provide an unrivalled eating experience. Robust, earthy flavours combined with an ideal texture and tenderness for a truly memorable steak.

Diamantina Platinum

Our Platinum cattle are specifically selected for their grain feeding performance to produce a consistent texture and flavour.

Five Founders, NAP

NAP cattle are bred and raised in an environmentally sustainable way in the most pristine part of the world, Northern Australia. Five Founders cattle are humanely raised, free of added hormones and produce the most juicy and flavoursome beef.


One of Australia’s most well recognised beef brands, Royal is sourced from a handpicked selection of suppliers across South East Queensland. Cattle picked for the Royal brand are fed a grain ration for a minimum of 70 days.