Whether you’re a glutton for punishment or you just have a hefty appetite, taking on the 1kg Steak Challenge is no small feat. Starting Tuesday 2nd of April, this year we are sharing expert tips to help you tackle it:

  1. Get Psyched Up: Pump yourself up mentally and physically for this epic adventure. Picture yourself conquering that massive steak with a big smile on your face.
  2. Train Your Tummy: Get in some pre-challenge practice by indulging in some extra-large portions of your favourite foods. Think of it as tasty training for your stomach.
  3. Chew, Chew, Chew: Remember, every chew brings you one step closer to victory.
  4. Stay Laser-Focused!: Keep your eyes on the prize and your spirits high. Imagine the cheers and applause awaiting you as you triumph over that colossal steak.
  5. Rally Your Cheer Squad: Surround yourself with your biggest fans—whether it’s friends, family, or even your fur friend—to cheer you on every bite of the way.
  6. Listen to Your Body… and Your Heart: Your health and happiness are the ultimate goals here. If you start feeling a bit full or uncomfortable, remember, it’s just a bit of fun, take it easy, enjoy the moment, and savour every mouthful.

So gear up, gather your crew, and get ready to tackle the Norman Hotel 1Kg Steak Challenge with a grin from ear to ear, you’ve got this!

This year we will be serving Tender Valley from JBS Aussie Beef. 

Tender Valley is 150 Day Grain Fed with a Marble Score of 3+ from the Darling Downs region, Queensland. Challengers will find it tender, succulent and deliciously juicy beef. Good luck!!

To get your name on the Beef Honour Wall challengers will need to eat what’s on the plate, within their dining window

  • 1kg Steak
  • Two Traditional Sides
  • Sauce
  • Norman’s Bread Roll