Santas in July Promotion with Kidman Santa Gertrudis Beef

Showcasing Santa Gertrudis Beef

Showcasing the legacy that is S.Kidman & Co Santa Gertrudis Beef, we will highlight a different cut of Santa Gertrudis beef each week, offering a main and entrée for each cut.  It’s a breed that marbles well, giving the beef a full-flavoured and juicy texture.

As part of the promotion, guests who order from the special Santas in July menu will be given a chance to win one of 20 S. Kidman and Co steak knife sets, with five to be given away each week.

Week 1 | Eye Fillet
1st July – 10th July

Long and lean the tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef. It sits along the spine, does the least work, and has little or no fat or connective tissue. With very little fat and connective tissue, the Eye fillet is more delicate in flavour.

  • Entrée – Beef Tartare w Traditional Accompaniments
  • Main – Eye Fillet w Normans traditional sides

Week 2 | Rib Fillet
11th July – 17th July

Running between the chuck and the striploin, the cube runs along the back of the animal. This muscle is lightly worked sitting high on the back, making the Rib Fillet so tender and succulent.

  • Entrée – Grilled Spinalis Muscle w Roman Artichokes, Roast Capsicum Sauce & Balsamic Glaze
  • Main – Eye of Rib Fillet w Normans Traditional sides

Week 3 | Striploin
18th July – 24th July

Coming from an area of the animal where the muscles do less work, the striploin has a fine but firm texture and a richness in flavour.

  • Entrée – Beef Carpaccio w Truffled Ricotta, Fried Capers & Baby Rocket
  • Main – NY Cut Striploin w Norman Traditional Sides

Week 4 | Rump
25th July – 31st July

Extremely versatile rump can be sliced whole into rump steaks or subprimal to reveal a range of cuts with varying textures and tenderness.

  • Entrée – Corned Rump Cap w Charred Onions, Green Peas, Bronzed Fennel & Mustard Fraiche
  • Main – 400gm Rump w Norman Traditional Sides