Beef Stirp Loin

Beef Striploin

Also Known As

Sirloin, Porterhouse or New York Strip.  The bone-in sirloin is also called the short loin, or most commonly known as the T-bone.


Coming from an area of the animal where the muscles do less work.  It has a fine but firm texture and a richness in flavour.

What to look for when buying Stiploin 

The full primal should have a bright, cherry red colour.  If grilling steaks look for a thick-cut steak with as much fat speckled throughout the muscle and try to avoid the last slice of the primal.

Best Cooking Method

Cooked on the grill as a steak is delicious or cooked as a whole piece, it is well suited to roasting.

Roast Striploin W Braised Balsamic Onions & Green Peas


2.5kg whole striploin

Salt & pepper

50ml olive oil

20 baby onions, peeled

500gm green peas (frozen ok to use)

100ml balsamic vinegar

3 tbsp brown sugar

2 sprigs thyme

250ml vegetable stock


Preheat oven to 200c.

Prepare striploin by scoring the top of the striploin using a sharp knife and cutting diagonally both ways approx. 5mm deep. Rub olive oil into score marks and season well. Place in oven-proof tray on roasting rack. Bring up to room temperature before cooking.

When striploin is ready place in the oven and roast at 200c for 10 minutes then turn the oven down to 130c.

Continue cooking striploin and using a thermometer check internal temperature until the desired doneness is achieved. When this is achieved remove striploin and rest for 15 minutes keeping warm.

For medium-rare internal temperature should be around 42-48c and medium doneness will have an internal temperature of 52 -55c. Anything above 65c will be well done.  For those without an internal temp, work on 40min per kg for medium.

While striploin is cooking preheat a heavy-based ovenproof pan with a tight-fitting lid.

Add a little olive oil and add the peeled onions, cooking until browned. Add the balsamic vinegar, sugar, thyme and stock. Bring to boil and reduce by 1/3. Cover with lid and place in oven until onions can easily be pierced with a skewer. When ready place pan back on the stovetop and add green peas. Cook on medium heat until peas are soft, and liquid has reduced to almost a glaze.

To serve

Slice striploin across the face into even slices and arrange on a serving platter. Spoon onions and peas around the exterior of the serving platter.

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